Split Elk Antler Dog Chew

6-8 Inches

Have a pup that loves chewing and biting? Give them a split elk antler to help avoid unwanted chewing and keep them engaged for hours to come.

Our elk antlers are split down the middle so your pup has direct access to the tasty inner marrow. Plus, split antlers are softer, safer, and more enjoyable for pups, it’s a win-win for you!

Have peace of mind knowing our antlers are naturally shed, sourced in the USA, and are a healthy, natural chew option for your pup.

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split elk antler chews for dogs | Pupford

Sometimes your pup needs something to chew on to distract and engage their mind. Elk antlers are great all-natural solutions for chewers of all shapes and sizes.

Elk antlers are known for their tasty marrow and long-lasting nature. Your pup will stay busy for hours to come! Plus. they are a great option for redirecting any problem chewing or biting.

Our Grade A, naturally shed, USA-sourced Elk Antlers are a tasty and natural chew option for your pup.

freshen your dog's breath | Pupford

Helps Clean Teeth

The chewing and biting on the antlers can help remove plaque and tartar.

improved brain function for dogs | Pupford

Provides Stimulation

Keep your pup engaged and stimulated for hours with elk antlers.

dog icon | Pupford

Stop Problem Chewing

Give your pup something that’s good for them to chew on!

all natural ingredients | Pupford

Healthy for Pups

Elk Antlers are a natural source of calcium, phosphorous, and more.

Elk Antler Benefits

Long LastingAll NaturalHelps With Problem Behaviors

About Our Elk Antlers

elk antler chew icon | Pupford

Elk Antler

Elk antlers are a great chew toy to keep your pup engaged for extended periods of time. Most pups love the taste and texture! All our elk antlers are split, Grade A, and naturally shed.

-100% naturally shed elk antlers. Each year elk naturally shed their antlers, meaning no harm or pain is caused to get these antlers.

-Grade A antlers. Grade A antlers are more dense, less likely to crack or splinter, and retain the maximum amount of flavor and nutrients for your pet.

-Each antler weighs between 1.75-4oz. The density means your pup gets more of the tasty marrow!

-Measure 6-8 inches in length. This length is good for pups of most sizes.

How to Use Elk Antlers

If you need to help stimulate your pup’s mind and keep them busy, give them an elk antler. Not only do they stay busy, but it’ll help clean off some plaque and tartar.

It can also be used to help redirect bad biting and chewing. Most pups will instantly love the flavor of the marrow.

Disclaimer: Always monitor your pup when chewing on elk antlers. Take away if any splintering occurs or when the piece is small enough to swallow. Recommended only for dogs with adult teeth.

Are these elk antlers natural?Back to product
asked by Devin Stagg on 2019-01-23 14:30:53
1 answers shown
  1. Yes, these antlers do NOT contain any sprays, chemicals, preservatives or anything like that.
    Devin Stagg answered on 2019-01-23 14:31:54

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