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Sudsy Shampoo Bar for Dogs

Sudsy Double Scent PackSudsy Alpine Meadow Shampoo Bar for DogsSudsy Shampoo Bar for Dogs

When you want to improve your pup's skin & coat AND leave them smelling fresh and clean, you need Sudsy! -Made in the USA with ingredients like Shea Butter, Avocado, Coconut Oil, and 100% Dog-Safe Essential Oils -Kills bacteria and helps heal sores -Helps repel bugs and pests -Helps release your dog's undercoat to reduce shedding -Even helps to reduce hot spots -Fresh original scent

Saponified Oils of Coconut, Organic Extra Virgin Olive, Castor, Rice Bran, Shea Butter, Avocado, Babassu, and Neem; a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils safe for dogs, Bentonite Clay; & infused nettle leaf powder. Made in the USA of 100% natural ingredients.


Get your dog wet. Lather on Sudsy. Scrub your pup. Rinse. Be sure to brush your pup after bathing!


Paraben & Sulfate Free


All Natural


Zero Container Waste

Sudsy will leave your dog clean AND help. improve their skin and coat! We formulated Sudsy to help improve your dog’s skin and coat in more ways than we can count… but here are a few ⤵️ -Special ingredients to help repel bugs and pests from your pup’s skin -Helps improve skin and coat and reduce hot spots -Helps reduce shedding by releasing your dog’s undercoat -Leaves your dog smelling fresh and naturally clean Not only will you get all those benefits, but Sudsy is made with some of the best, natural ingredients you can find. Sudsy was carefully created to include beneficial ingredients like: -Coconut oil -Shea butter -Avocado -And even a proprietary blend of dog-safe essential oils

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best thing for my little Min-Pin who gets into all the underbrush in our yard. Heals scratches and keeps creatures at bay..and then she smells Great! Highly recommend !



Normally I use regular liquid soap for my dog but after trying the bar soap I’m converted. It lathers so well that I can actually manage to wash my insane dog by myself! So happy with this and I’ll be buying it again!



I have never used bar soap but my 9-year-old lab has had dry skin and just seems to have more of an odor. I Love this bar soap I will not go back to any other shampoo for my dog his coat he's not had any dry flakes or dry skin he feels so comfortable he smells good it was the easiest shampoo to use and it made such a difference in his skin and his fur.



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