Training Starter Pack

For Pups of All Ages

Our training starter pack is an absolute must-have for training your pup! When you have the right tools, training gets so much easier.

The Training Starter Pack comes with one of each:
Your Choice of Freeze-Dried Training Treats (over 475 treats per bag)
30 Foot Long Lead (for recall and other behaviors)
Tug Toy (for biting, chewing, play, and exercise)

These items are essential for effectively training your pup, no matter their age. Save big with this training starter pack today. Here’s to improved training!

(Colors of leads and tug toys may vary; lead length is anywhere from 27-31 feet)

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Training your pup with the right tools and products is key to a well-behaved dog! With this training starter pack, you’ll get the essential items you need to teach your pup the basics. These items will help with general training, chewing, biting, recall, focus training, and more!

Quit worrying about what items you need to start training and get this starter pack! Each item has been created and hand-picked with the help of some of the top dog trainers in the world to give you the best experience possible when training your pup.

Zak George Loves the Training Starter Pack

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Stop Problem Behaviors

Tired of biting and unnecessary chewing? This training pack is your go-to solution!

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Low Calorie

With less than 1 kcal per treat, you don’t need to stress about excess calories.

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Improved Recall

With a long lead, your pup’s recall will improve greatly! Focus is everything in training.

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Perfect for All Ages

Whether you’re training a puppy or an older dog, this pack is perfect! You can teach old dogs new tricks.

Training Starter Pack Benefits

Perfect for All AgesZak George RecommendedImproved Training Sessions

What You'll Get

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Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats

These treats are made from simple ingredients, have only 1 kcal per treat, and are extremely high-value for pups! Increased focus, here you come!

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Long Lead Leash

These 30-foot leads are exactly what your recall training needs! Stay in control of the situation at all times.

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Tug Toy

A good tug toy can be your best friend for chewing and biting. Redirect your pup to this tug toy whenever those problems pop up!

One Bag of Freeze-Dried Training Treats

When you train a pup, you need a high-value currency. The more your pup wants what you have to offer, the higher the likelihood they’ll listen and focus.

Each treat has only 1 kcal, is made of only 3 simple ingredients or less, and is the perfect size for repetitive rewards.

One 30-Foot Long Lead Leash

Teaching your pup to come when called isn’t easy. Make it easier with this 30-foot long lead.

In the early stages of training recall, you’ll want a way to give your pup “controlled freedom”. With a long lead, you’ll be in control while still giving your pup the chance to explore!

One Tug Toy

Biting, chewing, and other problem behaviors often require redirection. Redirect those teeth to something they should chew on, like this tug toy!

It’s the perfect size for playing impromptu games of tug, expending some of your pup’s energy, and keeping their teeth where they should be (not sinking into your hands!).

How to Use Your Starter Pack

Using the Training Treats

Use these treats during both formal and impromptu training sessions. They can be left out around the home (don’t need to be refrigerated) so you are ready to train at any time.

No need to break the treats up, they are the perfect size for repetitive rewards. Your pup will love them!

Using the Long Lead

As you teach recall in new, uncontrolled environments, keep your pup on the long lead. If your pup is struggling to return their focus to you, a gentle nudge with the leash can do the trick!

Not only is it great for recall, but it’s a great training tool as you work on “watch me”, stay, and more. Stay in control of the situation with this long lead!

Disclaimer: Always monitor your pup on a long lead, tangling and other issues can occur.

Using the Tug Toy

Teaching your pup a well-structured game of tug and fetch can be vital for so many behaviors. These tug toys are easy to throw around and also grip in games of tug.

If your pup starts biting, redirect them to this tug toy! Need to tire your pup out? This toy is perfect for some quick fetch and tug sessions.

Disclaimer: Always monitor your pup while chewing on a tug toy.

How many of each product come with the training starter pack?Back to product
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  1. The training starter pack comes with one of each product, bag of treats, tug toy, and long lead.
    Devin Stagg answered on 2018-12-20 11:02:56

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