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Dog Training Treat Pouch Black



Dog training treat pouches are the best way to effectively train your pup while keeping your hands free. Conveniently fill this simple but stylish treat bag with your favorite Pupford treats and start training! -Magnetic closure for one less thing to worry about -Convenient belt loop and clip makes it easy to wear this treat pouch with any outfit -Zippered closure on the front for a clicker, poop bags, etc.

-Magnetic closure for easy opening and closing -Convenient belt loop and clip -Zippered closure on the front for a clicker, poop bags, etc.

Place around your waist, fill with Pupford treats and instantly more effectively train while keeping your hands free! Spot clean with mild soap and let air dry.

The waist strap is extendable. Fully extended, the strap measures 4'9" long.


Hands-free training


Rewarding training sessions


Magnetic closure pouch

Training is a lot of work. The only thing that makes it worse... Trying to juggle treats (or reaching into your pocket) while you work on new behaviors! 👎 With a dog training treat pouch, you can keep your hands free and focused on training! Plus, this dog treat pouch keeps your pockets free from any treat mess.

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Suggested Training

Teach your dog 20 new tricks!

Improve your dog's ability to listen, follow directions, and "work" with you in this trick training course.



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