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Trick Training


Sometimes it's just nice to show off your pup! 😉 And sometimes you just need to break up normal "behavior" training with trick training! It's a great way to show off your dog, build your communication with them, and above all, improve your relationship with your pup! With this Trick Training Course, you'll be able to impress all of your friends and family with 20 fun tricks! This course, taught by Amber Aquart CPDT-KA, is GIF-based with text instructions for each trick.

This course is a GIF-style course. Each "game" has text instructions and accompanying GIFs for that game.

Amber Aquart CPDT-KA

-CPDT-KA with almost 10 years of experience -Runs Pawsitive Development Dog Training -Loves helping dog live more engaging and enriching lives -Enjoys traveling, hiking, and exploring with her husband and dogs


Improve communication with your pup


Learn 20 fun & exciting tricks


Create a stronger bond

Here are 20 new tricks your dog will learn through this course: Shake, spin, take a bow, sit pretty, dig/wipe paws, give me a kiss, figure 8's, cover your face, head down, go around objects, go around humans/heel, middle, leg weaves, back up, nose touch, tell me a secret, targeting, roll carpet, play dead, & roll over!

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