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Tricks and Treats Bundle



Tricks and Treats! The Tricks and Treats Bundle gives you the tools you need to train your pup to teach them different tricks and behaviors. This pack is best for dogs of all sizes. Price may vary depending on the products you select. Choose products from our Train line for a happy, well-trained pup.

Training Treats: At only 1 kcal a piece, these are the perfect treat to repetitively reward your dog during a training session. Plus, they contain 3 ingredients or less and are high-value, making it so your dog actually wants to perform the behavior/cue and you don't have to feel guilty about what you're feeding them. Win-win. Training Treat Pouch: Dog training treat pouches are the best way to effectively train your pup while keeping your hands free. This pouch has a magnetic closure for one less thing to worry about, a convenient strap that makes it easy to wear this treat pouch with any outfit, and a zippered closure where you can fit a clicker, poop bags, etc.

Choose two Training Treats (Beef Liver, Chicken, Shrimp, Salmon, Rabbit, Sweet Potato, Blueberry, or Mango) Choose one Training Treat Pouch (Peach or Brown)


Natural, healthy ingredients


Keep dogs' focus and attention


Loved by pups of all ages

Trick or treat? How about tricks and treats? Get the tools to teach your dog tricks and train them with this custom Tricks and Treats Bundle. Here's what you need to do: Step 1: Choose a flavor of training treat Step 2: Choose a second flavor of training treats Step 3: Choose your training treat pouch Step 4: Add to Cart And there you have it! You customized the perfect bundle for your pup.

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Suggested Training

Teach your dog 20 new tricks!

Improve your dog's ability to listen, follow directions, and "work" with you in this trick training course.


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My border collie and bichon have never been so focused on me until I got these treats. The only thing that competes is prosciutto! But this is so much healthier and affordable, so I'll stick with pupford!



I’ve used these treats since my dog was a puppy. I watched the Zak George 30-day training program and these treats worked great in the process! My dog loves them so much and they, so they are still an effective training tool.



Just love Pupford. It’s not just about the dog treats and products, even though my little Henry is crazy about them. It’s also that the emails and classes have been so helpful. I have learned (and keep) learning what to do and not to do, in raising Henry.



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