The Pupford Promise

Doing Our Part for Dogs (and dog parents) Around the World

What is The Pupford Promise?

The 96% Problem

96% of shelter dogs have never been trained | Pupford

96 % of all shelter dogs have received ZERO real training, zero. No wonder the poor little guys (and gals) had no chance!

Bags for Meals Program

bags for meals program the pupford promise | Pupford

For every bag of Pupford food purchased, we donate a meal to shelter dogs in need. Nutrition is key for a happy pup!

How YOU Can Help

3.3 million dogs in shelters yearly | Pupford

We need your help to lower the number of dogs in shelters. With the power of social media, we can all make a difference!

At Pupford, our mission is to empower you to create a healthier and happier relationship with your pup.

Lack of Training = Dogs in Shelters

96% of shelters dog have zero obedience training | Pupford

96% of Dogs Relinquished to Shelters Have Received ZERO Obedience Training

Dog parents often give their dogs up when they feel they can’t control or handle their behavior. 3.3 million dogs pass in and out of shelters each year. That is 1 in 25 dogs. 96% of those 3.3 million have received ZERO formal training. That is extremely terrifying to us, as dog fanatics and parents.

The Solution

In an effort to reduce that terrible statistic, we've teamed up with Zak George, YouTube's #1 dog trainer, to build a high quality, FREE dog training that anyone can use. The training is called 30 Day Perfect Pup. This course is of higher quality than what most people are charging for online nowadays. It’s seriously that good!

We want to get this FREE course into as many pet parent hands as possible.

Buy a Bag, Give a Meal Program

Better Nutrition Makes for a Healthier Pup

As we work on alleviating the training and shelter problems, we’re also going to donate one meal to shelter dogs for every one bag of dog food we sell. Each meal truly makes a difference in the life of a shelter dog in need.

Why Pupford Dog Food?

We recognize that dogs are family, and with that, we all want to take care of them the best we can. Our dehydrated dog food is formulated to benefit your pup from nose to tail, so no ingredient goes unused by your dog.

Your dog's first bag of Pupford dehydrated food comes with our promise that if for any reason your pup doesn't love it, you can return or exchange it within 30 days with no hassle or problem (must be unopened on second and subsequent bags). That's our promise, and we never break our promise.

bags for meals program the pupford promise | Pupford

We Love Shelter Pups!

3.3 million dogs in shelters yearly | Pupford

Every Year 3.3 Million Dogs End up in Shelters

Each one of us has the opportunity to help shelter dogs in need. Whether it's volunteering time, donating food or money, or actually adopting a shelter dog, we can all make an impact on the millions of dogs in shelters each year. As we work together to keep dogs out of shelters, we can minimize the number of dogs euthanized each year (currently over 670,000).

Ways to Help

Along with our Bags for Meals program, and our free training program, we strive to help with dogs that are in search of their forever home (our founders are constantly fostering new dogs). If you are looking for a dog to adopt, click the button below to find pups near you who are looking for their forever homes. Together, we can lower the number of dogs in shelters!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pupford Promise

The Pupford Promise – 100% Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love all of the products we have to offer here at Pupford.

Sometimes though, as life goes, things might not work out. Not happy with something you’ve ordered? We’d love to make it better by exchanging it or offering your pup something else in return. Or, if you’d rather just get a refund, we can take care of that as well. Just send the item back our way within 30 days (must be unopened on second and subsequent orders) and we’ll give you a full refund! This is our Pupford Promise and we never break our promise!

Dog & Dog Parent Approved

The proof is in the tail wags.

See what some happy pups (and their parents) have to say about Pupford!

Goldendoodle in Love

Our Goldendoodle doesn't even like food. She won't eat peanut butter and used to eat her previous food very sparingly. She LOVES her Pupford food so much. I've never seen her have so much healthy energy and enjoy eating so much STRONGLY recommend!   Spencer

My Dogs Inhale the Food

My girls LOVE this stuff. They inhale it. The bigger girl was starting to get picky... No more worries! I can't wait for them to try the beef!!! Leah

Dog Loves the Taste

We got the supplements for our 2-year-old Saint Bernard. He's not having any joint pain yet, but we wanted to get him started early. He loves the taste every time we give them to him. Barrett

My Dogs LOVE Pupford!

One of my dogs is a picky eater and now she is excited when she hears the bag come out, she sits and waits for her bowl and then she spends a little extra time, licking her bowl! Pupford smells so good we all want to eat it! Marcia

Pups Gobble Them Up

Our dogs, who can be picky, gobbled them right up when offered. We train dogs on agility and they work very hard to be accurate in running, cornering, etc, so this joint supplement will do well to keep them up and moving. Al