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Reasons to Get a Dog + Why You Need a Dog in Your Life | Pupford

August 31st, 2023

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, it has us reflecting on what we are thankful for. And one of the things at the top of that list is dogs… clearly.

In our 30 Day Perfect Pup Facebook Community we asked pup parents why they decided to get a dog, and here are some of the responses.


1. “So many reasons. Life just seems empty without at least one dog sharing it.” -Sherry

The world is better with dogs in it <3.

2. “Because my childhood dog was my best friend and I wanted that love again and that for my children. Our Labrador adores our children and adore him too best of friends.” -Samantha

Learn how to introduce a dog to children here.

3. “I have loved dogs my whole life, but didn't get my first until I was an adult. I hope to never be without one. They provide a special type of companionship I do not have anywhere else. I can be myself around them and they never judge.” - Heidi

Dogs are there for you through the good times and the bad.

4. “For me, a house is not a home without a dog. My family is incomplete without a dog.” - Nikki

“You complete me.” - Me to my dog.

5. “Grown up with dogs and the house feels unbearably quiet and still without one. They make great companions, encourage you to get up/out and be more active, and never judge what you look like, wear or feel.” - Steph

With all the dog play dates, walks, training sessions, early mornings and evenings, dogs sure do help us be more active!

6. “Because dogs are pure joy and make everything better. I can't imagine my house without them.” - Deanna

Dogs can turn mundane tasks into exciting opportunities to play and bond with your dog.

7. “I grew up surrounded by dogs. Not having a dog is weird to me. I couldn’t imagine it lol.

Plus, it was a dog who got me through the early years of my depression, which started when I was around fourteen years old. She was the rock I leaned on and my best friend when I pushed everyone else away.” - Jennifer

Did you know that dogs can read our chemical messages? Making them great support animals and companions.

8. I got a dog instead of a boyfriend, less drama. -Lexus

Dogs > boyfriends? Guess it depends on who you ask. ;)

9. “Life is SO MUCH BETTER with a dog! The snuggles, the unconditional love... Ugh. Nothing better!” -Hannah

Now some dogs are more snuggly than others, but we love our dogs because of their unique personalities.

10. “My dogs both chose me. I had no say. Best companions I could ever ask for.” -John

I'd like to think we chose each other.

11. “Coming home to this sweet squishy face every day is the highlight of my day and makes me forget all crappy things that happened.” -Aditi

Before having a dog, I didn’t look forward to coming home from a vacation, now I’m so excited to come home to see my dog.

12. “Because our house was too clean and quiet. And weekend sleep-ins were getting boring.” -Tricia

If you don’t like sleeping in, getting a puppy is DEFINITELY a good idea.

13. “Companionship and a walking buddy. She’s a pool buddy too - bonus. I’ve always had dogs. She’s also my service dog in training.” -Laurie

Dogs truly are special. Their noses are powerful enough to detect diabetes, epilectic seizures, they can hunt mushrooms, track and help endangered species, and so much more. They make incredible service pets, and are just the best buddy we could ask for.


No matter your reason for getting (or thinking about getting) a dog, dogs can fill your life with so much companionship and love. They can provide you with a sense of emotional wellbeing, and can help with mental health problems. They help you feel less alone. They can help with health problems, can help if you are coping with stress or crisis, encourage you to move, make you happier, and add more fun to your life!

But we admit it, they also are expensive, take a lot of time and they can test your patience. That is why we have free courses like the 30 Day Perfect Pup Course and New Dog Starter Course to guide you through the first few months of having a dog, then more in-depth training resources found in Pupford Academy.

What is your reason for getting a dog? Let us know in the comments below.

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