Recall Mastery Course

Teach Your Dog to Come When Called Every Time... No Matter What!

Step by Step "Levels" to Master Recall

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Calling your pup's name and them not coming to you (or worse, blatantly ignoring you) can be extremely frustrating (and dangerous for your pup)!

With the help of Recall Mastery, you can teach your dog to come back to you every single time you ask them to. Period!

Recall Mastery will help you with the following:

  • Take step-by-step actions to ensure successful recalls
  • Track your progress so you don't give your pup too much freedom
  • Train your dog to come back to you no matter how enticing something (like another dog, squirrel, or even a toy) might be to them
  • Play fun games with your pup to help re-energize their desire to listen and focus on you when you ask
  • Get your pup's recall to a mastery level and so much more!

What You'll Get With Your Recall Mastery Digital Access

Step by Step Guidance with Instructional GIFs

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  • 10 Levels to recall mastery (plus an additional bonus level)
  • Instructional gifs to help you visualize all the steps
  • Easy to understand "levels" of advancement with step by step instruction

Lifetime Access to the Entire Course

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  • Available worldwide and from any device with internet and a browser
  • Lifetime access with one simple purchase
  • Unlimited access on all devices from your account

5 Bonus Recall Games to Make Training Fun Again

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  • 5 bonus recall games designed to help make your pup enjoy coming back to you
  • Each game has simple to follow instructions and a guided video
  • Easy to play, no matter your dog's age or breed

About the Pupford Team's Philosophy on Training

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Simply put, we're a team of dog lovers who focus on helping pup parents.

We carefully crafted this Recall Mastery Course to help pup parents overcome their difficulties with recall, and get their dogs to come back. Every time!

We've helped to train thousands of dogs and more importantly, helped pup parents to understand how to communicate and effectively train their pups.

Our training methods never use force, aggression, or pain.

Because that stuff is a h*ckin joke.

The Recall Mastery Course isn't only effective, but it's also fun and enjoyable for you and your pup.

What are you waiting for?! Boop that button below and let's start mastering recall!

Teach Your Dog to Come When Called, Every Time

Will The Recall Mastery Course Work for Me?

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YES. If you're willing to put in the time and effort!

There are no quick fixes with recall, so don't expect that from this course...

But, if you're willing to put in the practice, stay patient, and work through all steps of each level, you'll see improvements in no time!

The Recall Mastery Course will help with:

  • Teaching your dog to come back every time
  • Be more excited to come back to you
  • Return to you no matter the distraction
  • Come when called even in the most difficult of situations and so much more!

What to Expect from the Recall Mastery Course Digital Access

The Recall Mastery Course works as follows ⤵️

-Step by step breakdowns to ensure your success

-Animated gifs so you can visualize what you should be doing

-Exactly how many times you should practice before moving onto the next level

-5 bonus games (with videos) to help re-energize your recall training

-Lifetime access from any device at any time

Want a mini sneak-peek of one of the levels?! 👇

Level 1 Sneak Peek 👀

Level 1.1

Inside the Home, Leashed - Very Close Distance

Step 1- Start in a familiar environment inside your home, with your dog on a normal leash.

Step 2- Get your dog into a sit. Mark and reward when they perform the sit. Give the 'cue' of stay.

Inside Home on Leash Getting Dog Into Sit | Pupford

in home on leash stay cue | Pupford

Step 3- Take 1 step away from your dog, and give the Recall Cue of "Your Dog's name, Come" so for example "Sunny, Come". You can also use a hand signal of your choice, often the easiest is making a sweeping motion toward your body with your hand, palm facing you. In these early levels, don't be afraid to show your dog a treat as you give the Recall Cue.

Important Note: Moving forward, when I say "Recall Cue" I am referring to the verbiage "Your Dog's name, come" and the associated hand signal.

If you're confused about the meaning of any words throughout the course, scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of definitions.

Inside Home on Leash 1-2 Steps Away | Pupford

Step 4- When they move toward you (it's only 1 step away, so that's really all it takes) mark and reward.

Step 5- Repeat Steps 1-4 at least 25 times.

Move to Level 1.2 once your pup has accomplished this level successfully at least 9/10 times!

Level 1.2

Should You Purchase This Recall Mastery Course?

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If you're frustrated with your dog not coming back to you every time that you ask... then you should purchase access to Recall Mastery!

Or, if you'd rather continue being frustrated, embarrassed and upset about your dog's behavior... then don't get this course 😉

Whether you've got a big dog, a small pup, or anything in between this course will help them master recall! (just what you've been dreaming of 😜)

Each level will help your dog learn to come to you at all times, no matter the distraction or environment.

Who doesn't want that?!

Give that button below a big 'ol boop and let's start mastering recall!

Recall Mastery Course Digital Access

(Available Worldwide)

Special Pricing

One-Time Purchase for Lifetime Access

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Full Access Including:

✅ 10 Levels (plus a bonus level) with step-by-step instructional gifs

✅ Accompanying worksheet to track your dog's progress with mastering recall

✅ 5 Recall Games with accompanying videos to re-energize your pup's recall

✅ Access from any device, worldwide

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How will I receive access to the Recall Mastery Course?

During purchase, you will create a login account. After purchase you can access the course (while logged into your account) in multiple ways:

  • From the order confirmation page
  • From the confirmation email
  • From the downloadable PDF access page
  • From your Pupford account section under 'My Memberships' or the 'Downloads' section

How long will I have access to the training?

The purchase grants you access to the entire Recall Mastery Course for life, you'll never lose access.

Is this course only for people in the US?

Nope! No matter where you're located, you can purchase and access this Recall Mastery course.

Is this Recall Mastery Course right for me and my dog?

YES! If you need help with a dog that refuses to come when called, this is for you. This course is perfect for dogs of any age, size, or breed.

Is this purchase backed by the Pupford Promise?

Yep, if you send us video footage of you practicing for at least 30 days and don't see any improvements, we will help you with a refund.

Who teaches this Recall Mastery Course?

The Pupford Team leads out the lessons for these impulse control games.

What devices can access the games?

Any device with a web browser and the internet!

Is this course available to be used within the Pupford app on iOS or Android?

At this time, no. But, it should be available for use within the app around the end of Q1 of 2020.

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