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Science Behind Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement training is the most effective and humane route to train your dog. Unfortunately, in the past, aversive, punishment, and now-debunked methods were spread by trainers, the media, and other outlets.

Part of our mission here at Pupford is to help spread the message and power of positive-reinforcement based training!

Choosing to train via positive reinforcement will help your pup be more confident, attentive, and well-behaved in the long run. But don’t get us wrong, it takes lots of time, patience, and persistence! 🙂

Be sure to check out the studies below. Also, if you are new to being a pup parent, I would thoroughly study and understand the first bullet point below about LIMA!

Links to Relevant Articles and Studies About Types of Training:
Pupdates for Today: Dogs in the classroom improve reading scores, cognitive learning and more!

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Not everyone you know will teach you science-backed, positive methods for training. That’s why it’s important to do the research and find what the professionals and researchers have uncovered about the power of positive reinforcement!

Looking for guidance on how to train your dog more effectively? Be sure to check out our 100% free (and positive-reinforcement based) dog training app.

Get more info about the app here.

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Written by Devin Stagg

Since being deprived of dogs during his childhood, he and his wife decided to make up for it by having three dogs, two Lab puppies, and one grandpa Puggle. Meaning you won’t see him not covered in dog hair. When he’s not busy training his dogs and/or picking up their poop, you can find him cheering on Tottenham Hotspur and all Cleveland sports (yes, even the Browns).

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2 Comments on “Science Behind Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

  1. My puppy (7 months) gets very excited when anyone approaches her. She dances and will not obey any commands. How can I teach her to be calm?

    1. Hi Sue! Our 21 Impulse Control Training games are perfect for working on focus which results in a calmer dog! Some ages and breeds are more excitable in puppies, so keep training, but if you keep training you will see results.

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