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[Quiz] What Should You Do With Your Dog This Summer? | Pupford

December 11th, 2023

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Summer is here. That means hot days and cool nights (depending on where you live), and you’re not the only one who is looking for some fun to get into this summer season. Don’t forget about your furry friend who also loves summertime activities.

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activities for dogs in summer playing in sprinklers

First, what kind of interests does your dog have? Is your pup a fan of water activities or do they run and hide at the sight? Are long walks a painful tug-of-war for you two or are they a breeze? Is your pup a social butterfly or more of a homebody?

These are the types of questions puppy parents are asking themselves when scheduling quality summer pup activities (as well as making sure to keep the outside temperature and time of day into consideration).

At Pupford, our goal is to help strengthen relationships between pups and puppy parents. Knowing and considering your dog’s basic behaviors such as their reactions to certain triggers, how they react in certain environments, and their past experiences can really help you understand what they would love to do in the future.

Equally as important is that it will help you pick the best things to do that set you and your dog up for fun and enrichment, rather than stress, overexertion, and confusion. There is no reason to push them too hard and too fast out of their comfort zone.

Here are some questions to ask before planning out your next doggy adventure and some recommended things to do:

Is your dog friendly with other dogs and hoomans?

Dog Park, Dog Beach, or Camping

If the answer is yes, this makes it a lot easier to find things to do. Sometimes, doggy parents have their options cut in half because their puppy has anxiety or aggression with strangers. Social dogs on the other hand make it easier to dog-friendly places like a dog beach, go camping with a group of friends, or go to a pet-friendly restaurant or brewery - all great summer activities.

camping with your dog in summer

Training Games

Puppy parents with dogs who are working on their social skills, don’t worry! It’s a very common thing and we recommend learning more about how to deal with different triggers your dog may have. There are fun and rewarding training games you and your dog can play all summer long in the comfort of your home.

True or false - you take your dog on three or more walks a day?

Hikes and Long Walking Trails

If true, your dog will probably love to go on a long walk somewhere other than the typical walking paths you take. Three walks a day signifies that your dog loves to be outside and explore. It also shows that they have the energy to do more challenging walks, but as a responsible puppy parent, try your best to take cues from your dog.

Try going on a hike or long walking trails but remember to be prepared. It’s important to bring plenty of water for yourself and your dog and take a lot of breaks in shady areas. Don’t push them too hard.

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Walks At the End of Sunset

This is the time of day when you can get the most beautiful views and shades of orange, purple, and blue. Plus, the weather is usually nice and cool at this time.

Does your dog know basic cues?

Training Classes and Reward-Based Training

As mentioned above, training games are one of the best things to enrich your puppy’s mind and keep them from going stir crazy from all that time staying inside the house to avoid the heat. Especially if they are not particularly fond of going out and mingling. Reward-based training is the number one thing you should do this summer if your dog isn’t up-to-speed on basic cues and isn’t getting along with others.

You can sign up for training classes to get them started this summer.

Do you live in a place where the typical summer temperatures are 80 degrees or higher?

Creative Indoor Ideas to Avoid Heat

Here are some great inside-the-house things to do that are outside-the-box ways to escape the heat: take a doggy day spa at the groomers, make puppy popsicles, visit the local dog treat bakery, staycation at a dog-friendly hotel, or visit a warehouse supermarket that is dog-friendly and take a walk in the AC.

Is your dog afraid of water?

Dip in the Pool or Take a Midday Cool Bath

If you have a doggy that loves to jump in the bath or sprint through the sprinklers every chance they get, taking a dip in the pool or a midday cool bath might be just what the doctor ordered. It can be cooling and refreshing for your dog physically, but swimming or taking a bath is good for them mentally as well.

Tip: For dogs that don’t like to play in water try keeping a cool washcloth handy and cooling them down by gently applying it on their heads, backs, and paws.


dog overheating because of hot temperature outside

Here are some things to remember about summer safety for dogs:

  • Dehydration, overheating, and burns to paws from hot concrete are some of the risks that come with high heat. Learn some ways to keep your dog cool in our article 7 Hacks to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer
  • BBQs and cookouts are great summer fun but remember to watch what you give your dog to eat. Here are a few tips in our article, BBQ Foods Your Dog Can and Can’t Eat. A good rule of thumb is if you’re not sure if it’s safe for your dog to eat something, don’t give it to them. It’s better to show up at the BBQ prepared with your own puppy treats.
  • Remember if you are starting to feel thirsty and hot, chances are your pup has already started to feel that way 20-30 minutes ago. Dogs have a coat of fur so they tend to get thirsty faster than humans. Keep an eye out for excessive panting and have fresh water handy. River water and puddles have the potential to be dangerous for drinking to humans and dogs so avoid this as best you can.

Now that you know the risks, let's start planning out things to do this summer!

Pupford's goal is to help all pups and pup parents by providing valuable tools, treats, and training resources. Explore more resources and start building a better and more enriching environment for your dog.


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