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Biggest Lie Of Joint Supplements For Dogs + Do They Work? | Pupford

September 30th, 2023

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I don’t know about you, but I hate being lied to.

That’s why when I figured out about the biggest lie of joint supplements for dogs I was livid!

Lucky for you, with the help of our team of dog experts we have uncovered this lie that has been floating around the interwebs and have crushed it!

You will not only uncover this great tragedy but also learn how to best help your dog RIGHT NOW live a healthier life.


These supplements are one of the most popular dog supplements around the dog park today...

But why are they so popular?

With every game of fetch your pup plays, every sprint to their food bowl, and every run in the park your dog’s joints are taking a beating.

This puts pressure and force on our pup’s joints which over time can cause degeneration and deterioration of their joints. In addition to that, your pup’s joints could face…

  • Joint inflammation and bacterial infections
  • Severe pain and discomfort in and around joints
  • An increased risk of Osteoarthritis

Yeah, I wouldn’t want any of those things for my slobbery BFF too…

Joint supplements for dogs are loaded with quality ingredients that not only help alleviate pain but help build joint cartilage which strengthens their joints. These sups are a great way to help any dog get back the perk in their walk and live a joint pain free life.

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I’m not sure if you’re ready for this…

This is something that the whole dog world has been battling with since the recent rise in joint supplements for dogs…

The biggest lie about joint supplements for dogs is that they are ONLY for old and sick dogs!


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Wow, that feels good to get off my chest. Nowadays companies that sell joint supplements for dogs are telling every dog parent that if your lil Fido is already in joint pain then they then should start taking joint supplements. Emphasis on the “start.”

The best cure for your dog’s joint pain is to stop it before it even happens!

That’s why every dog parent should be giving their lovable, hyperactive, and adorable fur ball joint supplements throughout their life instead of starting when they are the damage is already done! (Starting as a young pup!)

Read our full article about when to start joint supplements for dogs here.


With every jump, pivot, and sprint your doggo is putting a huge amount of force and torque on their joints, especially in their knees and hip.

As this tension is applied to their joints it wears down cartilage which is a connective tissue that surrounds your pup's joints. It acts as a connector between different bones and plays a crucial role in the joint health of your dog.

As time goes on cartilage wears down and the strength that was once in the joint weakens. This can lead to...

  • Arthritis and joint inflammation
  • Extreme pain and discomfort
  • Trouble doing everyday activities

In order to best prevent these very negative outcomes, it is best to start building and maintaining your pup’s joints as early as one year old with joint supplements!

These are just some of the benefits of starting your pup off on the right paw with joint sups...

  • Strengthen and support healthy joint cartilage and connective tissue
  • Decreased chance of arthritis later on in life
  • Increase joint “cushioning” for hours and hours of pain-free fun!
  • Promotes the formation of collagen to strengthen joints throughout all stages of life

We’ve said it once and we will say it again…

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The best cure for your dog’s joint problems is to stop it before it even happens!

lies-about-joint-supplements-for-dogs | Pupford


There are SO MANY people out there today barking around about the newest “wonder” ingredient.

They promise that it will not only help your dog’s joints, but also teach them English, they will be able to fly afterward, and not to mention be the next president.

Ok... so maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration, but our team of dog experts has come together to create the Ultimate Ingredient Checklist to help you find the best joint sup for your pup with ingredients that scientifically work and are safe to use.

✅  Glucosamine Hydrochloride

  • One of the most popular pup hip and joint supplements for dogs out there. This compound aids in decreasing inflammation, strengthening joints, and is a natural way to soothe your pup’s joint pain. Multiple studies show that Glucosamine Hydrochloride is a safe and natural option to support joint health and alleviate pain.

✅  Chondroitin Sulfate

  • Giving your pup pain relief pills only masks the problem and doesn’t fix it. Chondroitin Sulfate will not only alleviate your pup’s pain but help repair the damaged tissue and cartilage causing your pup’s discomfort. It also promotes water retention which aids in shock absorption on your pup's joints. Let your dog get excited and jump around without pain!

✅  MSM

  • MSM or Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (you can see why we like calling it just MSM) is an organic compound that helps all different ages of pups block pain impulses running through their nerve fibers. It also helps produce more cortisol, a natural anti-inflammatory hormone, to assist in building the structural integrity of connective tissues around your pup’s joints.

✅  Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

  • If your first thought when you saw vitamin C was oranges, then join the millions of Americans that thought of the same thing. Did you know that vitamin C actually plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen in your pup’s body? Collagen is the main structural protein that holds your pup’s body and joints together. Weak and little amounts of collagen = sad dog with aching joints.

When you are looking for the best joint supplement for dogs make sure that they have these ingredients are in them!

They will all help your dog as a young pup, teenage angst phase, adult, and wise old dog stages of life!

a-dog-experiencing-healthy-joints | Pupford


Now that you know joint supplements for dogs are not only for when your doggo is already experiencing issues or getting a little more grey hairs but for all stages of their life, it’s time to buckle down and find the right one for you and your BFF.

With 100% natural ingredients and P.h.D. formulated these supplements are something you can be proud of giving to your best furry friend. And they work! Again, the right ingredients make all the difference.

Get more info on dog supplements here! Trust us you won’t regret it :)

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