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Train Your Dog With Me - Week 1 Part 2 | Pupford

July 26th, 2023

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First, make sure you watch PART 1 of this week's Train Your Dog With Me session, before moving along to part 2.

In part 1 we talked about initial door greetings, jumping, luring, teaching sit, hand targeting, watch me, and the name game.

In this video, Traci will be teaching Winnie how to hand target, focus, and some more work with puppy socialization.

Lindsey will also ask questions about crate training, potty bell training, and more... so be sure to check out those sections for in-depth answers from Traci.



Check out this PDF for a detailed list of all topics covered in Week 1, and for homework assignments you can do with your dog.

When training your dog, make sure to use a clicker, or praise, and high-value training treats.

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Teaching focus will get your dog to look and focus on you. When practicing this use a lure to get your dog to focus on you.

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The key to crate training is that you want the crate to be a safe, nice place for your pup to be, so it is so important to introduce it as such. Give them tasty chews, treats, and other high-value treats and rewards in there, and only crate your dog after their basic needs have been met.


Do some sort of "brain" activity or enrichment every day, such as nose work, the "go hunt" game, etc.  This will also tire your dog out!  The snuffle mat is also great for this! It helps exercise your dog's mind and keep them busy.


The prime socialization period for a dog is 12-16 weeks. During that time it is so important to introduce your dog to new people, smells, animals, sounds, and more.

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When greeting other dogs, makes sure that they are friendly, so that you can keep experiences positive for your pup! Have some fun with this puppy socialization Bingo and let us know when you complete them all! You can also download and print this PDF for ease of use.

Puppy socialization bingo | Pupford


Handle your dog's feet, toes, nails, teeth, ears, tail, etc. and reward them for it. This will really help with vet visits and grooming! Note: don't force the handling. Let your dog leave the situation if they want.


The Bingo also included sounds to get your dog used to hearing. Using a device, start on a low volume and play sounds that they will be hearing a lot of (vacuum cleaner, thunder, fireworks, musical instruments, etc.).

As a note, some dogs are born or become deaf. Learn how to train a deaf dog here.

For more in-depth breakdowns of the topics covered in this course, check out the Train Your Dog With Me course here, 100% FREE!


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