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Train Your Dog With Me Week 3 | Pupford

July 28th, 2023

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If you’re new to the Train Your Dog With Me series, hi! Welcome. We know that being a new pup parent can be really challenging. Obviously rewarding as well. But SO hard. We also know that it’s helpful to watch real pup parents and new dogs without training go through these behaviors. And that’s why we are here. Make sure to start from Week 1 so that you can work on all topics covered in this course.

If you’re not new, thanks for following along! How are these assignments going for you? Anything that your dog is really struggling with? Or something that they picked up really easily? It’s always so fascinating to see how smart (and stubborn!) our dogs can be.

So let’s get started!

Impulse control for dogs is one of the most important all-around behaviors you can teach your new dog or puppy. In this week's episode, we're going to teach Winnie 'wait', including how to wait for her food!

We will also lay the groundwork for recall (aka come when called) for Winnie. This is one of the most important and life-saving behaviors you can teach a dog. It is vital that your dog comes back to you when you call their name!

Additionally in this episode, Traci will help Winnie get used to grooming tools by practicing desensitization with an electric toothbrush to simulate grooming clippers.

We also close out this session but doing a quick introduction of a new dog. Winnie who has been fearful of larger dogs will be slowly introduced to Traci's dog Jade. Although they don't interact a whole lot, the simple, slow exposure is extremely beneficial for Winnie!



Check out this PDF for a detailed list of all topics covered in Week 3, and for homework assignments you can do with your dog.


- This teaches impulse control

- Wait can be used differently than leave it

- With wait, this means wait a second then you will get the treat

- With leave it, you won’t get that but you will get X in return

- Wait means wait a second then you get this

- To teach this, start with a treat in your hand

- Say WAIT, then wait half a second, click and treat

- In the beginning you can cover the treat with your hand

- If your dog starts going for the treat, you can wait until they stop going for it and back off before clicking and treating

- Once they get the concept, you can wait 2-3 seconds before letting them get the treat


- Tell your dog to wait when you are holding their food

- Start to put the food down

- If your dog goes for the food, it goes away

- Keep on trying to put it down, every time they go for it bring the food away from you

- Once they stop reaching for it, click and let them have it

- At the beginning you don’t have to let the food go all the way to the ground before clicking and treating


- Always teach recall on leash in the beginning

- Because every time you ask your dog to come and they don’t do it and get reinforced, they will learn to ignore you

- Don’t use the word come at first unless you know your dog will listen to you

- Then if your dog is coming you can say “oh good come” when they are coming towards you

- The trick is making yourself more fun and exciting than anything else in your dog’s world


- Put your dog on a leash

- Start a few feet away from your dog

- Use a really exciting voice, to get them to come towards you

- If your dog isn’t interested in treats you can also use praise/attention or a toy

- Drop the leash

- Go a bit away from your dog and excitedly call them towards you

- Once they come click and treat

- You can do this with a few people and move around the room away from them and take turns calling them and then clicking and rewarding

- Slowly move further away from them and keep on practicing!

- When your dog gets really good on a 6 ft leash, move to a 20ft leash etc. then you can try off leash
For more in-depth breakdowns of the topics covered in this course, check out the Train Your Dog With Me course here, 100% FREE!


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