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Train Your Dog With Me Week 5 | Pupford

October 16th, 2023

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This is the last week of Train Your Dog With Me!

Lindsey and Traci have taught Winnie many tricks and behaviors, like sit, wait, lay down, come when called, leave it, leash walking, and more. The first few weeks with your new dog can help you to shape a strong foundation for them. Also, if you have noticed, Traci spent some time each week going over socialization. This is so important! Remember to keep socialization to other people and animals positive! You want your dog to create positive associations with animals, and people of all ages.

But we know how hard having a puppy is, if you are experiencing the puppy blues from time to time, (it's totally normal!!) read this!

Want to start watching from the beginning? Start here!

In the final episode, we will teach Winnie how to stay! This is an extremely VITAL behavior for every dog to learn, no matter their age or breed.

Traci will break down
how to teach your dog to stay with duration, distance, AND distractions.

In this last episode, we will also review ALL of the behaviors that Winnie has learned. Plus, we'll present Winnie with her graduation certificate!



Check out this PDF for a detailed list of all topics covered in Week 1, and for homework assignments you can try with your dog.


  • Remember the 3 D’s (Distance, Duration, and Distraction)
  • When teaching this, only increase one of the 3 D’s at a time
  • Start by having your dog sit, and saying stay, after 5 seconds of them staying you can click and treat
  • For stay, you can also use a release word like FREE or ALL DONE
  • Now increase distance and shorten duration. So you can have them stay and take a step back and have them stay for 3 seconds
  • If your dog breaks, it means you are going too fast, so you will want to make it a little easier (shorter time, take a smaller step, etc)
  • Work on increasing either distance or duration or distractions
  • Remember that you want to set them up for success so make sure you are moving at their pace
  • The only time you want your dog to break a stay is when you use the release word or have them come to you
  • To keep your dog’s attention, you can switch up how you are rewarding them (with a treat, toy, praise/attention)


Puppy socialization bingo | Pupford

Download a PDF version of the Bingo game, here. And check out the Pupford App for desensitization sounds to introduce your dog to.

  • Your dog doesn’t need to meet 100 people
  • They just need to have positive experiences with people, dogs, objects, other animals, etc.
  • Let your dog decide if they want to approach someone or not
  • Always keep it positive
  • Your dog doesn’t really need to play with another dog, they just need to have a positive interaction
  • Your dog won’t love every dog, just make sure experiences with other dogs are positive

Thanks for joining along! For more dog training resources, check out Pupford Academy.


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