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May 9th, 2023

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We know that when it comes to raising a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog, the right tools (like treats and training) make all the difference.

That’s why our treats and chews are made of healthy, simple ingredients, why we offer a range of products to help your dog overcome different problem behaviors, and we created products to help with your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

“My dog likes these more than any other treat. I like them too because they are a reward without a lot of calories.” -Cheryl

Still unsure of what to get for your pup? Check out some Pupford favorites from trainers and pup parents. And rest assured knowing that if your pup has a problem with any product for any reason, we will make it right with an exchange or refund. That’s the Pupford Promise.


As certified positive reinforcement dog trainers, Amber Aquart, Traci Madson, Zak George, and Trevor Smith know a thing or two about training dogs of all ages and temperaments. They also know how important the right rewards are to encourage your dog to perform the tasks you are asking of them.

Here are some dog trainer favorites, for their own dogs and clients.


amber aquart | Pupford
  • Freeze Dried Training Treats - My dog’s top favorite training treats are the chicken and beef liver.
  • Jerky - I love using the chicken jerky for extra high value and jackpot rewards.
  • Beef Tendon Chews - The turbo tendon chews are my dog’s favorite chews they’ve ever tried.
  • Enrichment Toys - My dogs and I love the enrichment toys. They’re cute, fun, and they keep the pups entertained. Especially the little car one!
  • Flirt Pole - Whiskey loves training with the flirt pole, it’s one of her favorite non-food rewards.
  • Sudsy - And when it comes to what I love, I love the sudsy soap bar. It smells amazing and is super easy to use and leaves the dogs smelling and looking great. 🥰

For more from Amber, check out her dog training courses in Pupford Academy on Crate Training, Separation Anxiety, and bonus content!


traci madson | Pupford

For more from Traci Madson, check out her courses in Pupford Academy - on Reactive Dogs, Leash Walking, Potty Training, Dog Body Language + bonus videos.


  • Freeze Dried Training Treats - These treats are about the size of a pea, making them perfect for multiple rewards and lengthy training sessions
  • Training Starter Pack - If you are new (or not so new) to training a dog, you have to have the right supplies. And there are a few essential items that everyone needs when training a dog - like treats, a tug toy, and long lead.
  • Jerky Treats - When you're teaching your dog something new you don't want to use a second-grade treat, I strongly recommend you get these Pupford treats

For more from Zak George, check out his FREE 30 Day Perfect Pup Course.


trevor smith | Pupford

For more from Trevor Smith, check out his FREE New Dog Starter Course and courses in Puford Academy.


We love working with all dog parents (like you!) to help you raise the well-behaved pup of your dreams. Have you heard about the Good Pup Club? Learn more here.

Here are some tried and true favorites from Vivian (@nachocorgo) and Kaylin (@lunathetrickdog).



Shop their favorites, or find your own favorites here. Have you tried any Pupford Products? What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments!


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