1-On-1 Virtual Dog Training Sessions

Affordable Video Call Training Sessions with a Certified Dog Trainer To Help You Train the Pup of Your Dreams

Personalized Solutions for Your Pup's Problem Behaviors

1 on 1 video training sessions | Pupford

Get Customized Solutions From a Certified Trainer via Virtual Video Conference Training

Sometimes, you need the touch of a 1-on-1 training session to help resolve specific behavioral problems with your pup. These 1-on-1 video training sessions with a certified trainer help with your training technique and timing, provide new ideas and will boost your confidence in helping your pup succeed! Each session comes complete with a recap, a "plan of attack", video recording and session notes for you to reference, even after the session ends.

Just a Few of the Behaviors and Problems We Help You Overcome!

  • Lure training like sit, down, and up
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Walking on a leash
  • General reactivity
  • Biting and chewing
  • Leave it
  • Look at me
  • Come when called
  • and more

Meet the Certified Dog Trainers

Dawn McClure


Dawn’s career as a successful dog trainer is built on a deep love of dogs, stemming from her relationship with a Golden Retriever named Breathless and her life was forever changed. Breathless led Dawn down a path of increasing love and appreciation of dogs and taught her about the unconditional love that dogs offer people.

Fifteen years later she changed careers from Human Resources Management to Certified Dog Trainer, strengthening relationships between families and dogs through basic obedience training. Dawn graduated, with honors, as a Certified Dog Trainer from Animal Behavior College, in Valencia, CA.

vinny viola certified dog trainer | Pupford

Vinny Viola


Vinny Viola’s focus has been on educating both people and dogs. He got his dog training certification from the Karen Pryor Academy and has been training his own dogs as well as other’s for years.

His interest in dog training started when his dog, Jester, began showing signs of aggression. He worked with several trainers with different training styles. He found the work fascinating and wanted to learn more so he could help his dog and other people in similar situations.. As he pursued his training certification, he realized the power and benefit of using positive techniques to change dog behavior and build trusting relationships.

Reviews from Real Pup Parents

"Vinny has a way of interacting with dogs that is both natural and calm. He is able to identify and demonstrate appropriate training techniques and next steps for both dog and family. Working efficiently and personably, Vinny makes dog training user friendly and approachable. "


reviews of pupford training | Pupford

"We hired Dawn to help us work with our Italian Greyhound Rescue Sienna. She did a great job teaching me and helping me train Sienna. Sienna was not confident on her walks and did not want to follow our directions. While she is a great teacher, her love for dogs comes through in her training."

Gill E.

Some of the Pesky Problems 1-0n-1 Training Can Help Solve

Biting & Chewing

better skin coat and nails for dogs | Pupford

Potty & Crate Training

freshen your dog's breath | Pupford

Jumping & Reactivity

steady energy levels for dogs | Pupford


paw icon | Pupford

Recall & Focus

improving a dogs vision | Pupford

Leash Behavior

long lead leash icon | Pupford

What You'll Get With These Virtual Training Sessions

1-on-1 Video Call

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  • We'll discuss your dog's needs and provide solutions and a plan
  • You'll get feedback on your training techniques and methods
  • You'll get new ideas, techniques, and methods to help solve your pup's behavior problems

Email Follow-Up

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  • Each session comes with an email follow-up outlining points discussed and next steps
  • "Homework" and actionable steps will be provided
  • Links to additional resources and guidance to help your pup

Video Recording of Sessions

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  • Watch each session for continuous reminders of what was discussed and taught
  • View your recordings on any device at any time
  • Compare your pup's progress through the video recordings

Private 1-On-1 Video Virtual Dog Training Sessions to Help Improve Your Pup's Behavior

How 1-On-1 Video Training Works

Pick a Package and Schedule Your Training Session

step 1 of pupford ambassador program

With sessions ranging from 30 to 60 minutes, you can find one that meets your needs. We even offer package deals with multiple sessions at a discounted rate. Just pick your time, pay for your session, and you'll receive a calendar invite with the accompanying video conference link.

Complete Survey and Prepare for the Video Training Session

step 2 of pupford ambassador program

Once you reserve your session time, be sure to fill out the survey. This information will help maximize your time during the session and help the training team more fully understand your pup's needs. Your survey responses will be extremely important for making sure your pup gets the help that he or she needs!

Receive Tailored Training via a Video Call

step 3 of pupford ambassador program

The video calls are simple to take part in and can be done on almost any device. You'll need a device with a webcam or video call functionality, good internet or wifi, and a quiet place to participate in the video call. Have your pup ready, any training gear you use, and a pen and paper if you'd like to take notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Positive-Reinforcement Dog Training Methods

Our desire is to raise the standards in the dog-training industry by advocating for the latest in scientific understanding of dog behavior while balancing this approach with twenty-first-century ethics. As a strong proponent of positive reinforcement dog training, we want to spread the message that people shouldn’t treat their dogs like members of a pack because these domesticated animals are a far cry from the ancient wolves they descended from.

Also, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all methodology, a fresh, positive approach allows you to tailor your training to your dog's unique personality and energy level, leading to quicker results and a much happier pet.

wean off treats over time

Pick a Package That's Right for Your Pup

With flexible times and the convenience of a professional trainer over a video call, your pup is just a call away from perfect pup status! For a limited time, 15% OFF all training packages, take advantage (discount automatically applies) and book a session now.

30-Minute Session

$ 39 $33
  • Customized Solutions & Feedback of Your Current Training
  • Great for Basic Behavior Problems & Getting Started
  • Video Recording of Session to Review All Topics Discussed
  • Email Follow-Up with Recap and Notes

Three 60-Minute Sessions (Popular)

$ 215 $182
  • Best Value
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Video Recordings of Each Session
  • Overcome Problem Behaviors
  • Free Bags of Training Treats ($15 Value) [USA only, international options available]

60-Minute Session

$ 74 $62
  • For Basic to Moderate Behavior Problems
  • Video Recording of Session
  • Email Follow-Up with Recap and Notes
  • Free Bag of Training Treats ($15 Value) [USA only, international options available]

Have any questions on pricing? Need more sessions or time? You can chat us via the icon on the right, or contact us here.

Pupford Promise

The Pupford Promise – 100% Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love all of the products we have to offer here at Pupford.

Sometimes though, as life goes, things might not work out. Not happy with something you’ve ordered? We’d love to make it better by exchanging it or offering your pup something else in return. Or, if you’d rather just get a refund, we can take care of that as well. Just send the item back our way within 30 days (must be unopened on second and subsequent orders) and we’ll give you a full refund! This is our Pupford Promise and we never break our promise!

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