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7 Creative Ways to Groom Your Dog at Home | Pupford

July 25th, 2023

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Dogs love nearly everything in life. They dash to the door when they hear a package arrive and dance around your feet when you wake up in the morning.

Everything is a new adventure that they're ready to explore with you, even if it means getting dirty.

Whether you let them run around in the backyard or take them to a dog park, dogs have a natural ability to get as dirty as possible. Sometimes it's not enough to brush the grass out of their coat.

When they have a big smile and an even bigger stench, they may need an appointment with a groomer. 

Still, groomers can get expensive, even if your dog only needs to get their nails trimmed.

So here are 7 creative ways to groom your dog at home to save time and money ⤵️

1. Switch Up Your Treats

dog-begging-for-beef-liver-dog-training-treats | Pupford

It's always smart to have treats on standby when you groom your dog at home. Even if they've experienced it before, they may feel stressed and anxious during the process.

Give them a treat every so often to remind them they're doing a great job.

Switch up the flavors and sizes so you always surprise them with something new.

2. Remove Mats in Their Fur Outside

Grooming doesn't always have to happen in the bathroom. Take your dog outside the next time you need to remove mats from their coat.

They'll enjoy listening to the birds and watching squirrels run around.

Plus, you'll also appreciate not having to vacuum all the loose dog hair after you finish because it flies away with the breeze.

3. Include Brushing in Your Routine

dog-being-brushed-outside | Pupford

Some dogs struggle with grooming because it feels unnatural to them. One creative way to groom your dog at home is to make brushing a part of your routine.

After you wake up or before you get in bed, encourage your dog to jump on your lap and pull a brush from your nightstand.

The quality bonding time will help them learn that grooming isn't scary.

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4. Play Your Favorite Music

Once you start bathing or brushing your dog, it can take a while to finish the grooming process. Have fun with it and make a new playlist with all your favorite music.

If your dog sees you unwind and sing along to songs, they might relax and enjoy their at-home spa treatment a little more because you're filling the room with positivity. 

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5. Invest in a Harness

If you've ever been shocked by the prices at the groomer's salon, you're not alone. You can avoid the expenses and make it easier to take care of your dog at home by investing in a harness.

Groomers use harnesses to keep dogs still while they bathe them and cut their hair. You can use one of these too after you research popular options and find one that fits your dog.

Some may require a table with a hook for the harness, and you might need to install others in your garage or on the bathroom ceiling.

6. Drying Ideas

dog-being-dryed-on-driveway | Pupford

Most dogs don't enjoy standing still while you use a hairdryer. After a bath, they want to run around and celebrate their freedom with newfound energy.

If you have a driveway or backyard, you can help them dry off by letting them run on the cement or gravel in the sunshine.

They'll naturally dry in the heat and lay down for a nap once they get back inside.

Another creative idea is to use a towel with a few with cute prints or pictures. After you wash them, keep them next to wherever you store your dog's grooming accessories.

They can be your dog's designated towels for whenever they go out in the rain, go for a swim, or get a bath.

7. Buff Their Nails

Clipping your dog's nails can seem intimidating. It can be hard to know where to cut, and it's embarrassing when your dog yelps and bleeds because you clipped the quick in their nail.

Instead of getting stressed about clipping, buff your dog's nails with a simple grinder.

It's like a nail filer for dogs, so it's gentle and won't result in bleeding.

Have you ever paid an extra fee for buffing at the groomer's shop? They use the same tool you can use at home to soften your dog's nails after the groomer clips them.

Buffing at home skips the clipping and makes the process painless for everyone involved.

At Home Grooming Tips Recap

An at-home grooming session doesn't have to result in bending over for an hour, struggling to keep your dog still, and ending with a sore back.

Use these creative grooming tips to make it fun. For more in-depth help grooming your dog, from the tools used to how to properly groom, brush teeth, trim nails, and so much more, check out our At Home Grooming Course.

Spoil your dog with treats, let them dry off on the driveway, and buff their nails to switch things up and spend more time loving life with your pup.

Have more ideas for grooming your dog at home? Let us know in the comments!

And before you go... take our short survey about at-home grooming 😃

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