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What Age to Give Your Dog Joint Supplements

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What’s the best age to start your dog on a joint supplement? The short answer: Probably now. 

Wait… so even if my dog isn’t old and have aching joints they should be taking joint supplements?

YES. Here’s what we’ve found about the best time to give your dog joint supplements to defend against joint issues.

Experience the Greatest Benefits BEFORE the Symptoms

As a dog grows older their ability to produce essential proteins that help build and strengthen joints decreases dramatically

This leaves them at risk for many different joint issues and problems including the ones mentioned earlier.

But if your dog is consistently producing enough of these proteins to help strengthen their cartilage and joints throughout their life, their chance of experiencing negative joint issues drops DRAMATICALLY.

By giving your pup joint supplements BEFORE signs of pain start, you can keep your pup happier and healthier. Here are some telltale signs of joint pain.

  • Trouble standing up or sitting down
  • Excessive panting
  • Favoring one leg or limping
  • Joint swelling

That’s why it is best to start before the symptoms to help build strong joints that withstand every game of fetch, every jog in the park, and every sprint to their treats!

a dogs joints taking a beating from jumping | Pupford


What Age Does My Pup Need These Supps?

Do you remember that day when you went and picked up your puppy?

They were so small and you couldn’t imagine anything cuter, but then you blinked and then….


Once they stop growing (typically right after 12 months) they enter the BEST time to start experiencing the greatest benefits of joint supplements for dogs.

If your pup is a little older than 12 months don’t worry! Starting now is better than never! 🙂

Choosing the Best Joint Supp for Your Pup

Man’s best friend only deserves the BEST.

That’s why our dog experts don’t ever recommend joint supplements for dogs that have ingredients that aren’t scientifically proven to work, have plenty of reviews from actual users, or don’t pass our rigorous tests.

Our dog experts searched and searched for the best joint care supplement and one thing was for certain. Many joint supplements for dogs out there had many great things about them, but they didn’t give your dog the specific ingredients they need at the different stages of their life!


Since no one else was doing it, our dog experts formulated the ultimate joint supplement for dogs that come in 4 different stages that go with your dog’s age and current joint condition.

what age to give your dog joint supplements | Pupford


4 Stage of Joint Supplements for Dogs

Stage 1: For Young Pups

Best for pups 1-2 years old.

All our dog experts suggest starting your pup as young as 12 months to start building the strength and cartilage around their joints. This will help prevent pain and weak joints all throughout their life (even through the hours and hours of playing fetch and running around the neighborhood).

This formulation has proven to work ingredients that are in very specific amounts to give your dog the best benefits of joint supplements throughout their life. The key is starting young to promote lifelong joint health!

dog joint supplement for young pups | Pupford

Stage 2: Preventative Care for Adult Dogs

Best for dogs 3+ years old.

As your pup gets out of the “it’s cute when they pee anywhere” to the “young adult phase” there are specific joint supplements for them as well. At this stage, supplements need to focus on the strengthening and support of joint rather than the build and sustain pup phase.

preventative joint supplement for dogs | Pupford


Stage 3 Advanced Care for Adult Dogs

Best for dogs 7+ years old, especially if your pup is already showing signs of joint problems.

Some dog breeds are genetically predisposed to having poor joint health and some very active dogs just put a lot of pressure on their joints throughout their life. If your dog is feeling the wear and tear on their joints this advanced supplement is perfect to quickly start the healing process.

premium advanced dog joint supplements | Pupford


Stage 4: Veterinary Strength

Best for:

  • Senior dogs
  • Large breed dogs of any age
  • Pups already showing signs of joint pain
  • Any dog that’s prone to having joint issues

If your dog is showing a lot more white hair than ever before, has severe joint health issues, or is a large dog breed that is predisposed to poor joint health then this is the perfect supplement for them!

With veterinary strength ingredients like Omega 3 Fatty Acid, Green Lipped Mussel, and Glucosamine Hydrochloride this is the ultimate supplement to help alleviate your dog’s joint pain and start repairing those damaged joints.

veterinary strength dog joint supplement | Pupford



If you are looking for more information about joint supplements for dogs, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on pup supplements here.

Written by Austin Stephan

He’s frequently called, “the Ron Weasley of the Dog World” by Pupford’s wise toothless wiener dog named Carl. Hopefully he calls him that, because he’s loyal, funny, and sometimes brave and not just because he’s the only ginger in the office. Who’s to say. Oh, he also loves creating the best content online about everything dogs and how they can make even the most stubborn mother-in-laws into sweet angels. Now that’s real magic.

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