Pupford Dehydrated Dog Food

Improve Gut Health, Skin & Coat, and More!

Reasons Your Pup (and you!) Will Love Pupford Dehydrated Dog Food

better skin coat and nails for dogs | Pupford

Improved Skin & Coat

Their coat will shine, and you can say goodbye to itchy skin.

healthy digestive system for dogs | Pupford

Healthier Digestion

Unique fiber sources mean healthier (and less stinky) poops!

steady energy levels for dogs | Pupford

Healthier Energy Levels

Your pup will be moving and groovin' (do dogs groove?) as they should be.

freshen your dog's breath | Pupford

A Taste Pups Love

Get your pup excited about meal time again, because don't they deserve it?

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Use as a Full Meal or Topper

Boost nutrition and taste as a topper, or go all-in with Pupford as a full meal.

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Loads of Omegas

New Zealand Green Mussel, flaxseeds, and added omegas for healthy joints, skin, and coat.

A Healthier and Happier Pup

annie a poodle eating pupford dehydrated dog food | Pupford

When Dogs Eat Better, They Feel & Act Better

Is your pup getting the best nutrition for their needs?

With dehydrated dog food, your dog gets minimally processed, real-food ingredient meals every single day. Give your pup a food that's been formulated to keep them healthy and happy from nose to tail! You'll see benefits like:

  • Improved Skin & Coat. Everyone loves a pup's coat to be silky and soft, so why shouldn't you be able to get that with your food? No more adding skin and coat supplements to your pup's food!
  • Better Digestion. Let's face it, most pups struggle to digest their kibble. Which means stinky poops for you to clean up... who wants that? Our minimally processed ingredients are formulated to help your pup's digestion and stools improve. You're welcome!
  • Increased Energy Levels. When your pup eats Pupford dehydrated food, you'll see an overall healthier and happier pup. With our Ingredient Synergy formulation, every ingredient works together to provide your pup with everything they need, from nose to tail!

More Reasons to Try Pupford Food

Built for All Stages

improving a dogs vision | Pupford

Finally, a food that's built to stay with your pup from puppyhood all the way to their senior years. Never worry about switching food or making sure you've got the "right one". Pupford is formulated for all life stages.

Give to Pups in Need

pink heart icon | Pupford

For every bag you buy, we donate a meal to a shelter pup in need. We also hope you’ll consider supporting local shelters however you can. Because let's face, those good girls and boys need the love and help!

A Taste Dogs Love

a taste your dog will love | Pupford

Dogs love the taste of Pupford food, and shouldn't dogs enjoy meal time?! With two recipe options, you're sure to find the right flavor for your pup! Or give them a variety of both, what a lucky pup.

Real Experiences from Dog Parents and Their Pups

"Our older dog is a very picky eater and I always worry about her not eating enough. When I opened up the box today she could not stop sniffing the bag! While I was preparing the food for them she kept jumping on the counter eager to eat it. I fed them both half a cup on top of their dry food and they DEVOURED the entire bowl."



estefany's pupford review | Pupford
cassie's pupford review | Pupford

"Nala is a 9 months old Miniature Australian Shepherd. She has never been very excited about meal time and because of her sensitive stomach, it was really difficult to find food that she could easily digest.

We bought this bag hoping she would like it better than kibbles but didn’t expect her to love it so much! I’ve never seen her so excited about her meal. Plus she seems to be digesting it better than any other food she’s tried"


What Exactly is Dehydrated Dog Food?

preparing pupford dehydrated dog food | Pupford

Minimally Processed for Maximum Benefits

The right high-quality ingredients are really important. But the way the ingredients are put together is just as important. Baking kibble changes the nutritional integrity of ingredients in your dog food.

That’s why we’ve created a dehydrated dog food. It’s a better way to deliver minimally processed, high-quality ingredients and maintain the integrity of those ingredients.

Dehydrated dog food is made of... wait for it... dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients. Pupford dog food also has a couple non-dehydrated ingredients, like flaxseed, that don’t need to go through the same processes to function the same. So they're even fresher!

That means your pup gets more of the healthy vitamins, proteins, and minerals that they should be!

How Do You Prepare Pupford Food?

Step 1

pouring water on dehydrated dog food | Pupford

Mix food with warm water

Step 2

pupford dog food feeding instructions | Pupford

Stir and let sit 1-2 minutes

Step 3

a taste your dog will love | Pupford

Let the feast begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Bag of Pupford Last?

Click below to see how long a bag of Pupford food will last your dog!

Even More Reasons to Love Pupford

Omegas For All

improving a dogs vision | Pupford

We've added ingredients to give your pup a healthy amount of Omegas. What does that mean for your pup?

Let's just say their skin, coat, and vision will thank you!

Real Human Support

freshen your dog's breath | Pupford

Wanna talk to us about your order or have food questions? Just call us, text us, email us, chat us, or message us on social media.

And, we will actually respond. Good luck trying to do that with those other dog food companies!

Pupford Promise

steady energy levels for dogs | Pupford

At Pupford, we stand behind all of our products! If you have issues, just contact us and we will make it right.

We pup parents need to have each other's backs. We've got yours!

Real-Food Ingredients Your Pup Will Love

 Skotie & Josh with Their Pup Maple

skotie h maple pupford review | Pupford

"Our dog is a Miniature Labradoodle and she is the pickiest dog ever when it comes to eating. We were so happy to find Pupford because she would finally eat something and want more!

Being able to mix a bowl and give her soft, healthy, food was just what we were looking for. Definitely, recommend this to anyone looking for a healthier option!"

Andrea with Her Pup Marlo

andrea and marlo's review of pupford dog food | Pupford

"When I give my dog new food, he usually lets us know how pleased he is or isn't with the switch. I think when he gobbled it up, that's a good sign he liked it.

It settled well with him and we like that it is grain free. The ingredients are all real foods with so many vitamins and nutrients. Very good product!"

Check Out Who's Talking About Pupford

dog food advisor review of pupford | Pupford

Woof Whisker's Review of Pupford Food

woof whiskers review of pupford | Pupford

Top Dog Tips' Review of Pupford Food

top dog tips review of pupford | Pupford

Even More Reviews from Happy Pup Parents!

Pupford Promise

The Pupford Promise – 100% Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love all of the products we have to offer here at Pupford.

Sometimes though, as life goes, things might not work out. Not happy with something you’ve ordered? We’d love to make it better by exchanging it or offering your pup something else in return. Or, if you’d rather just get a refund, we can take care of that as well. Just send the item back our way within 30 days (must be unopened on second and subsequent orders) and we’ll give you a full refund! This is our Pupford Promise and we never break our promise!

Dog & Dog Parent Approved

The proof is in the tail wags.

See what some happy pups (and their parents) have to say about Pupford!

Obsessed with Beef Tendons

Otis is obsessed with these chews. He literally leaves giant pools of drool when I pull one out of the bag. And we love it because it’s natural and keeps his pearly whites clean!   Otis

Perfect High Value Reward

My pup is not very food motivated at all but she LOVES these treats. As soon as I open the bag I have her full attention. We love training with these!! Krystal

These Treats are Perfect

These treats are perfect for training. Healthy product, perfect size and Louis loves them! Thank you! Carolyn

Loved by Dog Trainer

I'm a dog trainer, and I have yet to find a doggie client who doesn't love these little treats! And I love that I don't have to worry about running out - they're shipped right to my door regularly. I'm very happy with that treats (and so is my own dog!) Lori

Love at First Bite!

Bought my Pup these antlers and he instantly went to to Chow Town! He chewed on these for three hours non stop at first nibble. He continues to love these daily and satisfies his chewing needs. Thanks Pupford! Saundi