Long Lead Training Leash

30 Foot Lead

To train a well-behaved dog, you need the right tools! And if you want to teach the recall of your dreams (amongst other behaviors) you will absolutely need a long lead leash.

  • 30 foot lead for teaching recall, stay, and other behaviors
  • Handle to make it easier to hold
  • Clasp clips onto any harness or collar

The small long lead is made specifically for small puppies and dogs UNDER 20 lbs.

The large long lead is best suited for dogs OVER 20 lbs. (Lead length may vary anywhere from 27-31 feet)



Questions and answers of the customers

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  1. A No. This leash is not made to be used as a tie-out or anything similar to that.
  2. A It's okay as long as your dog is under 20 lbs, but if they get heavier than that we recommend getting the large dog version.
  3. A This lead is about 30 feet long, perfect for teaching a solid outdoor recall!

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